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Matt Oliver - Massage Therapist

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Stress can wear you out, mentally and physically. Keep on top of your body's health needs by booking with a massage therapist. How can I help you? Are you recovering from a sports injury or an accident, or experiencing chronic pain, migraines, or digestive issues? I am a registered therapist and can help you live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Massage begins

More and more these days employers are offering to pay for employees’ massages. But employers require receipts to send their insurance companies. If you want to give clients receipts you have to be certified, and that means you need to be affiliated with a  recognized association.

Certified Massage Therapist

Massage school associations act as the mediator between the client, the massage therapist and the insurance company. Without certification that’s recognized by a credible association, you  practice without protection. Any massage therapist who does this is taking a   personal risk.


            I'm  Matt

I am a graduate of the IKRA Academy of Massage Therapy

 " Dedicated to providing our students with opportunities to learn and grow academically, personally and professionally"

" At IKRA we are proud to offer professional programs, both full time and part time, in: Swedish Massage I, Swedish Massage II, Sports Massage and Tuina (Chinese Massage).
Workshops such as Chair Massage, Pregnant Massage, Passive Mobilizations, and so much more complement our professional programs."

Matt J. Oliver
School of Massage

why we do it

We’ve been there

Quality massage therapy is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension, anxiety, headache, sports injury, digestive disorders, insomnia related to stress, join pain.

If you never have had a professional massage, try one session and you will see what I mean.

I treat:

Back Pain 

Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain



 Swedish Massage

                 Deep Tissue Massage

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Massage Matt Oliver

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Matts massaage

Joe Blummer

2 Year Client  Before and After Lockdown

" I gave Joe massage at club Athletique Sherbrooke  Chaque Entraînement Compte! Haute qualité, équipement ...
a premier fitness club that inspires an active, healthy lifestyle with an array of services. 1100 Sherbrooke Ouest, Suite #300, Montreal, QC."

Joe Massage Client

Veronigue Terlay

2 Year Massage Client

" The services provided at Matt's massage are exceptional. He has been giving me massages for almost 2 years now. I appreciate his calm demenor.
He understands your needs and what your hoping to achieve.

Matt  is very good at his work and takes time to explain what is going on why I had the pain injuries that I have. I highly recommend you try Matt's Massage.




I hour



Basic Swedish Massage

1 hour 20 mins



Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

 Clinic Policies:

  • These new policies will not interfere with the quality of service.
    Booking in Attendance:

        Appointments are to be booked online or over the phone.
        Our cancellation policy is still in effect and if you are feeling ill, call us to cancel.
        Please arrive no more than 15 minutes early for your appointment.
  • Please use hand sanitizer at the door.
  • We require you to wear a mask when entering and also during treatment.
  • Furthermore, our centre and common areas will be rigorously cleaned before and after every massage.

Send Matt an email: xmatt.ox@hotmail.com

or leave a message - Phone:  1-438-899-7651

Contact Information

Find us here:  823, Laurier E., #100 Montreal

as well as a SPA downtown -

club Athletique Sherbrooke  Chaque

Entraînement Compte!

Extra Email:  omatt8977@gmail.com

Phone:  1-438-899-7651

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